Wow, this photo is so surreal to us!! Words can’t describe how amazing it made us feel to have sooo many people come out and show us support, and we have never quite experienced something like that!! Who would have known that two kids meeting at an open mic night 14 years ago would lead to this!! We have worked so hard for so many years, and it just warms our souls in every way possible to know that our music has an effect on this many people!! Big special thanks to, the Winchester, Shane Motolik, Rubix Groove, Green City Soul Machine, Charlie loxencreamcheesebagelman, Lea Marra, Braxton Taylor, Michael Miller, Gadi Zamir, Justin Roberts, Tessa Lebaron, Nicole Whitney, Michelle Gaw, Minh Vannuyen, Joe Kardos, Ben Vilyus, Negative Space, and last but definitely not least Evan Lee who took this and many more awesome photos of the night!! Finally, massive thank you to all the fans, friends, and family that came out or shared the album, videos, or posts!!If you see yourself or anyone you know, make sure to tag them!! Also, for those wondering, our next show is on 3-11 with Consider the Source!!!

New album out now click image to hear !!
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First Single is out ! "For Some Account " Click the image to hear it !

Singel 1 cover-1.gif
Dub Singel 1 cover-1.jpeg
Check Out the Uncle Gnarly Dub mix !

 Big News !!

we are going to headline nelson ledges quarry park's first Winter Thaw out Bash ! Mar/2/19  


C-level is releasing a concept album “Rights”. In the formative years of C-Level they would play what they called “the set “ in which each song would blend together. After a few lineup changes and new musical ambitions the band shelved “the set”, till now!

Each Pre-sale ticket will get a free copy of C-level’s new CD

$10 day of show $8 pre-sale
Doors 8PM