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C-level is a high-energy three-piece band with a unique blend of funk, punk, reggae, bluegrass and rock. Their exhilarating sound is driven by the philosophy "Honest Self-Expression is the Path to Good Music" (George F. Hartwig).


C-level began when Dave (Ziggy) Deitke (guitar, throat) met Coda Crose (bass) at an open mic night in North Olmsted. Upon playing together, the two found a sweet sound that could only be produced by their musical union and shared passion for the melding of many diverse musical styles. The two then began to play in various projects around North Ridgeville and Olmsted. Aberration featured Dave and Coda both on bass and guitar; periodically, they would switch instruments during their sets.


     Since 2011 C-Level has been actively playing and recording. C-Level has played everything from house shows to music festivals such as Nelson Ledge’s Winter thaw bash( headlined) Mid-summer samba, Tribal connection, to multiple Cumulus Entertainment raves. Dave Deitke of C-Level leads his mic nights at bars and cafes in cities such as Lakewood, Cleveland, Parma, North Olmsted, Berea, and Olmsted Falls, to which he invites C-Level to play often. C-Level consistently continues to play in all of these types of venues.


     Throughout their journey C-Level has gone through a few line change-ups and gained a few new members, continually changing and adding a new dynamic. C-Level is Dave Ziggy Deitke guitar and throat, Coda Crose Bass, and Pat Boland Drums.


2020 brought up many challenges for everyone, but C-Level found a way to stay busy and help keep their culture and community alive despite those difficulties. C-level accomplished this by organizing benefit shows throughout 2020 to support various local venues, galleries, and individuals to ensure the survival of the creative culture that Cleveland has to offer. 

The first significant benefit of 2020 that C-Level organized was a week of streamed shows to keep Negative Space (a non-profit art) gallery open. 4-to 6 artists streamed an hour show from their homes every night of the week. C-level streamed from Negative Space with Gadi Zamir ( NS founder) as he painted with them during their set at the end of the week. The fundraiser raised over $5000, enough to keep the gallery open for the rest of the year.

C-level's next fundraiser was to support the local venues The Grog Shop and The Beachland Ballroom. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, C-Level hosted a two-night socially distant concert series at The Grog Shop and The Beachland Ballroom. Both nights sold out. C-level donated 100% of the money made from these shows to the venues raising over $4000. Each show featured an array of special guests that significantly impacted the band throughout their musical development.

The last fundraiser C-Level organized during 2020 was the Dog For Diego benefit. Dave Ziggy Deitke is a music educator at a charter school for kids with autism. One of Dave's students, Diego, is 11 years old boy battling autism, depression, ADHD, and severe anxiety. Diego and his family were trying to fundraise for a service dog but saw little results. C-level organized a week for streamed shows to promote his Wags-4-Kids campaign. Each night featured four bands live from two venues, the Beachland Ballroom and The Winchester. The shows had socially distant crowds and streamed on the internet and, together with an art raffle from Negative Space, raised over $9000, getting Diego his service dog and helping other kids with their Wags-4-Kids campaigns.


Since 2020, C-Level has put together another fundraiser in 2021 called Kitting for the NICU, an Amy baker benefit. Which was a week of streamed/ in-person concerts proceeds were donated as follows 90% to support Amy Bakers and 10% for supplies to make Hope Hearts for the NICU. Also, another goal of the event was to collect as many knitted /crocheted infant hats, blankets, and booties as possible to donate to the NICU. Who is Amy Baker? Amy is a mother of two and a passionate full-time teacher who teaches adapted core curriculum at a charter school for kids with autism. (Diego's teacher) Amy had some pregnancy complications, which led to weeks in the hospital and the premature birth of her second son at 31 weeks. Amy has always gone over and beyond for all of her students. What are Hope Hearts? Hope Hearts are small crocheted hearts ( designed by Amy) in which one stays with the infant at the NICU and the other stays with the parent, so that way both parent and child will always have a piece of each other even when they can't be together.

Kitting for the NICU went for seven days out of five venues and was supported and blessed with the talents from 24 bands. Altogether about $4000 was raised to help Amy, and an absurd amount of Hope hearts were donated( 3, 1-gallon glass jars full). Also, three big boxes of handmade knitted/crocheted infant hats, blankets, and booties!


C-Level is currently in the works on their 4th album, with an estimated release date of 2025.

----------------------------------------------------------------- Gig History ----------------------------------------------------------------------

3/9/24 with The Broken Heatys Tom Petty Tribute at Templelive  Cleveland OH

3/2/24 with The Frans ,Cellophane Jane, and Kiss Me Deadly at the Five O Clock Lounge Lakewood OH

2/24/24 with Land Of Panda & Fubar at Grog Shop Cleveland OH

2/3/24 with Bumpin Uglies & Tobyraps at Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH

10/19/23 with Passafire at Grog Shop Cleveland OH

10/7/23 with MSSV  Mike Baggetta Stephen Hodges and MIKE WATT at Beachland Tavern Cleveland OH

9/23/23 Ingenuity Fest Dock Stage with Mellow Man Funk  Cleveland OH

9/1/23  with Sponge & Sim Ross & the Rumble at Winchester Lakewood OH

8/17/23 C-Level & Mellow Man Funk at The Rock N roll Hall Of Fame Cleveland OH

8/12/23 Graveyard Gallery Murfreesboro TN with  Elysium Austin Stambaugh and The Frans

8/5/23 Grounds For Thought Bowling Green OH

7/14/23 Bumpin Uglies Westside Bowl Youngstown OH

5/4/23 Jimkata Winchester Lakewood OH

4/21/23 JimmieFest Nelson Ledges with Vibe & Direct, Oma Joy, IntoThe Blue

3/4/23 C-Level  Think For Yourself Album Release with Joint Operation Cat's Meow (Tony Hawk Pro Sakter cover set), The Frans at Grog Shop

11/12/22 Wanyama 's come back C-Level, Land Of Panda at Winchester Cleveland OH 

10/13/22 Joe Buck Yourself with C-Level No Class Cleveland OH

10/7/22 Magic Moments Weekend Nelsons Ledges Quarry Park Garrettsville OH

9/24/22 Ingenuity Fest  Crystal Palace Stage Cleveland OH

9/10/22 Heights Music Hop  Fest  The Social Room Cleveland Heights OH 

8/6/22 Howie Wowie Fest Buffalo, New York

8/16/22 C-Level The Frans, Blood Hounds, Noon Winchester Lakewood OH

7/21/22 Hip Hop At The Bop Stop Backing The Refresh Collective  The BopStop Cleveland OH  SOLD OUT

6/21/22 Ziggy D with JOHN DOE OF X at The Music Box Supper Club  Cleveland OH

4/29/22 The Quasi Kings with C-Level, Unc D, Camel Butter Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH 

11/13/21 Knitting for NICU Winchester  with Austin Stambaugh, Lowercase Roses Lakewood 

9/18/21 Heights Hop Pat & Zig duo set Cleveland Heights, OH

9/11/21Cebars Fest with Astral Radio, Among the willows,Fuzz Aldrin, Dive Bombs, Apostle Jones Cleveland OH

8/28/21 Negative Space 11th Anniversary with Dan Soha & Bethany Joy Sparrow and the lost boys, Kid Tested, St. Joan Cleveland OH 

8/27/21 Grog Shop with Nathan Paul & Admirable, Uptown Buddha CLEVELAND OH

8/5/21 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame with Jul Big Green

7/31/21 Rubix Groove Ep release with Rubix groove Uncle Gnarly Cleveland OH Beachland Ballroom 

6/27/21 Coda Palooza with Rubix Groove Apostle Jones Lea Marra Tremont OH

4/20/21 Gra-vel Front St Social Berea OH with Grav  

1/29/21 Dog For Diego Winchester Lakewood OH with Chris Wild, Apostle Jones Band

10/14/20 10th Anniversary Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH Quasi Kings, Lea Marra, Old Souls, Jay Sparrow,

10/13/20 10th Anniversary Grog Shop Cleveland OH with Wanyama, George Hartwig, James Muschler 

9/27/20 Reggae DJ set Feat Dave and Coda Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH

7/4/20 Creation 3.5 at Negative Space with Robin Blake Sound Experiment 

6/27/20 Love Fest live stream live from Negative Space with Lea Marra & The Dream Catchers 

4/24/20 C-level Live Stream at Negative Space for Negative Space fundraiser with Gad Zamir

4/2/20 C-level unplugged live stream studio 44

3/23/20 C-Level live stream from Studio 44

3/11/20 Beachland ballroom (Tavern) Cleveland OH with Consider The Source

3/8/20 Arlene's Grocery NYC Chackie Jan, Nova Lantern, GeoTribe 

2/22/20 Brite Winter fest Cleveland OH  Mccarty's Stage 7:55

1/18/20 Winchester Lakewood OH  Cd release 

1/3/20 The loving touch Detroit MI

10/25/19 Happy Dog Cleveland OH Vinyl Wings, Blue Collar Coalition 

10/18/19 Coda Tremont Night of The living LEE with Mimi Arden, M.moody

10/12/19 Creation Fest 3.0 the Magdalen Cleveland OH

9/28/19 Ingenuity Fest Cleveland OH

9/21/19  Negative Space Anniversary  Swamp Meet

9/13/19 Heights Hop Parnrells pub Cleveland Heights OH

8/31/19 Pappy Z's 9th annual Farm Fest Negley OH

8/30/19 NOISE Fest Elyria OH

8/2/19 The Five o'clock lounge Lakewood OH, Baked Shrimp NYC

7/27/19 The Grove Mayfield Village OH

6/29/19 Love Fest

6/22/19 Coda Tremont OH Coup De Grace, Joe Risdon

6/13/19 The Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights OH Rubix Groove, Aaron Benjamin 

4/13/19 Grog Shop with McStarKatz

3/29/19 Winchester Lakewood OH with Of Good Nature, Litz, and Dutty

Mar/2/19 Headlining:Nelson Ledges Winter Bash with Ancient Elephant, Michelle Anne Fincham, Chimps

Dec/28/18 Winchester Lakewood OH CD release with Old souls, Chimps, The cats meow

Oct/25/18 Winchester Lakewood OH Disco of the Dead preshow (more details to come)

Oct/19/18 Loser Fest, Feat  Losing September  (more details to come)

Sep/22/18, Negative Space anniversary show Cleveland OH feat All Over the Place, Uncle Gnarly

Sep/15/18 Heights Hop Music fest Boss dog Brewing Cleveland Heights OH  Feat Ray Flanagan

Sep/7th/18 Coda Tremont OH Foodbank Benefit show / (Zig’s Birthday) Feat Cholly, The Rinsers

C-level’s Special Guest Even Phillips from Hamilton Handshake!

Aug/26th/18 Grogshop Cleveland Heights OH Solo Ziggy D set feat AJ & the woods, Lex and  Zay

Aug /25th/18 Pappyz’s Farm fest Shiners benefit Ziggy D solo set Negley OH Feat, Losing September.

Jul/14/18 Luther fest( MC5 HOUSE) Ann Arbor Mic feat , Strange Flavors, ImaGine

Jul/ 13/17 Grog shop Cleveland heights OH Feat Vibe and Direct (last show)

Jun/24/18 Bands, Bowling, and Badasses, (revenge porn protest show) Mahall’s Lakewood OH, feat Old souls, Mimi Arden

Jun/20/18 Hippy Take over night around the corner Lakewood OH feat Cat’s Meow Myth and Co

Apr/27/18 The musica Akron Oh feat By Light We Loom , Black Roads

Apr/13/18 The Five Oclock Lounge Lakewood Oh Robin Blake sound experiment, Myth and company  

Mar/23/18 Victories Columbus oh feat farewell ride

Feb/17th/18 Iggy’s Lakewood feat the rinsers

Jan/26th/18 Coda feat Theo’s loose hinges, Black roads

Dec/15/17 Blank Slate Feat  after Hours radio (solo Zig set)

Oct/22/17  Brunswick OH feat. Space whale

Sep/23/17   Ingenuity fest 830pm Dingy Basement stage C-level with  special guest James Muschler

Aug/26th/17 Negative Space Grand Opening  feat M.Mody, Glowing mosses

Aug/20th/17 Blank State Elyria feat, Flipcoin, The drawing blanks, Coldwell

June/24th/17 Winchester  feat, Santino Marino, Heavy fluff, The Fifth House, Conscious pilot

June/30th/17  Happy Dog Euclid Tavern with Thikc Kevin, Leaf Borbie, All Is Harvest

Mar-31th/17 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland Oh : 8pm :$10 with Jones for Revival, Vanishing Apollo

​Mar-11th/17 Tequila Jaxx Mentor Oh: 8pm: Free : with vanishing Apollo  

Mar-10th/17 Now that’s class Cleveland Oh : Zig solo

Feb-25th/17 The shope Painesville Ph : Free :with Flip Coin, TBA

Feb-10th/17 the workshop Kent Oh: 8pm: Free: with  Sweepyheads, Cool Dads

Jan -26th/17 The Grog Shop : Coventry: 9 pm: $5 With Vanishing Apollo, Neo Giant

Jan- 19th /17 The foundry Lakewood Oh: 8pm : $5 

Jan-6th/17 The 5 0 clock lounge Lakewood Oh: with M. Moody, Season Sleep, Larry Nodder : 8pm: Free

Oct. 21st : Cleveland Oh : $8 730 PM Negative space

Oct.29th Cleveland Oh  $ 8  8 PM Happy Dog Euclid tavern

Nov. 12th Cafe Kerouac Columbus OH 2250 N high street : 8 PM

September 29th Beachland Ballroom Cleveland Oh : $10 The rainbow emergency

September 21st Around The corners Lakewood Oh

September 9th negative space Cleveland Oh : $ 10 with The Depaysement

August 25th The Beachland ballroom Cleveland Oh : $ 15 with Think Pink (pink Floyd cover band )

August 12th the Blank Slate Elyria Oh : free with The Land marks

July 28th :Beachland Ballroom Cleveland Oh  8pm $10 Wanyama

July 18th: The Foundry Lakewood Oh :8pm Vinyl wings

March-16-16  Cleveland  Maple Lanes   8pm with Nightmare Police  6918 St Clair Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44103

March-25-16  Negative Space with the few and the far, Sam Fox 3820 Superior Ave E, Fl SecondCleveland, Ohio

April 30thp Red Dwarf Studios with Moon days  8 pm  Inc.11 Enterprise Ct, Sewell, New Jersey 08080 

May 29th The Shrine Gary Nesta Pine  8 pm  NYC New York, New York 10030

July - 9th Love fest Chardon Oh

Dec-16-15 Busking 4 Bread benefit beachland ballroom doors 7 pm  : C-Level 1030pm : with Matt Miller/The Few & The Far/ Mira Tamam/ Suit case Records/ Michelle Gaw

Nov -21 -15 - porpoise Spit Cleveland e.72 and St. Clair 7 pm with Wes meadows/SHVS/The Night Mare Police 

Nov-9-15 Lake effect Radio - 6Pm

OCT-30-15 Chardon Barn show ! 7 pm with  All is Harvest /Thikc Kevin/Texas Plant/Able/Lea Marra.. 

Oct-25-15 Imagine Norwalk -430 Pm Down Town Norwalk Oh in front of city council building : duo set with Lee and Zig 

Sep -26-15 Grape Room 8 pm Philadelphia pa

Sep-27-15 Connie's Ric Rac 8 Philadelphia pa

Aug/22/15 C-Level with Matt Miller Band time TBA

Schhwonksoundsted Port Huron Michigan 

June/ 27/15 C-Level At the beachland Tavern 5pm  the waterloo Arts Fest 

July/12/15 C-level with Full service House show

June 6/15 C-Level hits the stage at the Agora !

Ziggy D for three solo C-Level sets !

April /11/15  8 pm at the Scarlet & Gray in Columbus OH with New Kingston

April/25/15 at the Aces Depot Olmsted Falls 1-4pm Acoustic for Autism Awareness  

May/ 1/15 at the foundry 8pm lakewood OH with light weight Slams

May/3/15 8pm at the BeachLand Cleveland OH with House of Shem !

March 13th 8pm C-Level's playing North High  2084 North High st Columbus Oh

Feb/27/15 !! C-level plays at the Roche 9pm !!405 Quay StPort Huron, Michigan

Feb/5/15 Tune in to 91.1 wruw Thurs from 10-11pm to hear a live set!!

Oct/10/14 The Foundry with Light weight slams 9:30pm
Sep/26/14 Red Fall Fest 11pm
Sep/18/14 Mahalls with Some kinda of nightmare and Tender Slap !  8pm
Aug/9/14 Just announced show at Grog Shop with Wanyama 8 pm Then after party in Olmsted Falls!
Aug/8/14 Lorain county music fest 8 11pm
July /12/14  Nelsons Ledges  1:00PM
2/18/14 March 14th with The Burring River Ramblers at Mahall’s 13200 Madison Ave, Lakewood Ohio 44107  Doors 8:30pm
April 19th with The Giggitys at Chuck’s SteakhouseDoors 8:00pm $2 at door ($5 if under 21) 456 E South St Akron, Ohio 44311
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