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Think For Yourself


C-Level is 
Dave (Ziggy) Deitke on Vocals, Guitars, Amplified acoustic 12, Lap Steel 
Coda Crose on Bass, Fretless Bass 
Pat Boland Drums, Percussion 

Additional Musicians 
Lea Marra Vocals Track 1,10 
Missay Long Vocals, Violin Track 1,10 
Mihn Vannuyen Banjo, Keys Track 1,6 
Josh Bailey Mandolin Track 1,10 
Steve Smith Banjo Track 10 
James Muschler Tablas Track 4,8 
Joe Kardos Sax Track 2,5 
Garret Folger Trumpet Track 2,5 
Robin Blake Baritone Sax Track 2,5 
Lex Moda Vocals, Piano, Organ Track 3 
Benny Coleman Vocals Track 6 
Zach Coleman Vocals Track 6 

Cleanest Hands was recorded live at Bock's Juke joint 
Johnny Appleseed was recorded live at The Winchester 
Both were recorded and Mixed by Jay Sparrow of Studio 44 
All songs written by David Deitke & C-Level Coda Crose, Pat Boland 

Album Art by Gadi Zamir 
Produced by Carry Crichlow & C-Level 
Recorded & Mixed by Carry Crichlow at RCR Recording Studios 
Mastered by Dave (Hoag) Kepner at The Dream Recording Studio 
℗&©2023 Dave Deitke All Rights Reserved 

222burn spotfy.jpg

Burn your own Gasoline

1.)Bac Bac Train

2.) Easy For

3.) Wherever I Go


5.) For Some Account

6.) Cleanest Hands

7) Burn your own Gasoline

8.)Hard Funk

9.) Stomp Live at Negative Space


C-level is:
Dave (ziggy ) Deitke Vocals, Guitars, amplified acoustic 12 string, Lap steel, harmonica, keys
Coda Crose: Bass
Pat (Bol) Boland: Drums, percussion

Additional  musicians 
Michelle Gaw Vocals Track 4
James Muschler Tablas Track 9
lee Kolarik percussion Track 9

Stomp  recorded Live at Negative Space Cleveland OH 2018
Stomp Live  recorded, Mixed by Isaiah Jackson Carlucci & Jay Sparrow studio 44

rights cover .jpg


This reread documents C-Level’s second phase, from 2013-2015(ish). The band was playing what was referred to as “the set “. Which was a non-stop 45-minute song that consisted of old and new songs strung together.



1. Rights





6.4 Shaken


C-Level :
Seasonal is Not enough (2011)
This is the remastered first phases of C-level . Seasonal is not enough had the original line up of Jared Schneider : Drums, Coda Crose: Bass, and Myself Dave Ziggy Deitke : Guitar and vox. 2011 is when we originally tracked these songs. We released these tracks in a few different ways and they have gone through some chances, but now we are satisfied (or accepting) of them 
These songs were are humble beginning, and we hope ya dig them 
 Thanks  Zig

1.Lucky Larkin 03:26

2.Stomp 04:01

3.Names/Giving Tree 05:51

4.Nota 03:26

5.Buzz Kill 05:16

6.Halfway There 03:01

7.Let It Feel 03:28

8.Skapo 03:41

9.Open Up 04:14

E.P's, and Side-projects


E(xpression)P(hunk) C-Level's Official E.P release containing five songs from the up coming album!



3.Names/Giving tree



The wampus cats, A project that consists of Dave (Ziggy) Deitke of C-Level and Zack Carney. The two were taught by the same music teacher and found that they shared many of the same musical tasted and philosophies. In 2011 they started to jam and write together. Later that year they would record their first Ep under the name of The Narwals with drummer Dylan Riley Swanson. The group was shortly lived due to prior military service engagements Carney was enlisted in. Carney’s absence did not result in the complete end of the project. Deitke and Carny would continue to write and record during Carney’s leave time. The end result is this Album!

1.Backwards 02:54

2.Worthless 06:20

3.That Way 04:54

4.Until I Break 03:52

5.Intro 04:21

6.Before You Go 05:37

7.Second Guess 04:15

8.Running On E 04:42

Dub Singel 1 cover-1.jpeg

Dub Remix by Uncle Gnarly of For Some Account 

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