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 Street performing, also known as busking, is deeper and more important to the musicians than the money they accumulate in their guitar cases. Street performance enables musicians to be heard on their own terms, by whomever is walking by. They are able to share themselves with complete strangers, even if only for a brief moment on the sidewalk. Occasionally, busking can create atmosphere and build friendships that may have never otherwise existed in the spaces the musicians decide to perform in. Busking 4 Bread is a movement that wants to take the positive energy of street performance and musician networking and translate its success into charity work. The way this will be accomplished is by having volunteer musicians busk at different locations all over the greater Cleveland area, donating all of the proceeds to charity. Many soup kitchens are responsible for purchasing their own utensils and certain produce for their meals. Busking 4 Bread aims to diminish the out of pocket costs that organizers have to pay. 

"If music is the food of love, play on." ~William Shakespeare


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